The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts is an organization composed of an association of family mediators, attorneys, forensic law investigators, therapists, counselors, pediatricians and other professionals who are dedicated to aggressively assisting parties who are involved in contentious custody cases, or families who have been harmed by the abuses of Family Court systems throughout the 50 States.

The Foundation is a national 501 c 3 not-for-profit organization registered in New York that firmly believes in the rule of law under the Constitution on behalf of individuals’ legal and civil rights, and which disapproves of, and seeks to directly confront, the abuses of Family Court systems, Social Service agencies and harmful Child Protective Services across the country.

The Foundation confidentially evaluates clients’ situations on a case-by-case basis, and will confront and seek to remediate violations of a parent or child’s civil rights at the hands of governmental entities, correcting current injurious actions taken by the Courts and others, if those actions have resulted in negative results or situations, improper legal decisions, legal errors or rights violations.

The Foundation has successfully fought for numerous caring parents and their children, engaging each situation in a fair and unbiased manner, wherein a child’s rights to be seen, heard, believed and protected have been compromised in any way.

The Foundation also acts as a service provider and referral pathway, assisting separating/divorcing couples who are navigating the legal channels of the divorce process through therapeutic mediation, therapy, non-litigation methods and congenial legal services.

The Foundation is a child-advocacy, family rights organization that recognizes the strong connection between child abuse and animal cruelty, and seeks to grow a more compassionate, humane society for all living things.

For more information contact us at or call 866-553-6931 Website:
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