The Foundation and It’s Founder Jill Jones-Soderman-SCAM

20 Feb

Jill Jones Soderman is a FRAUD!download and she looks NOTHING like this photo!! She is a basket case. Jill Jones Soderman ripped me off and made promises that she could not possibly keep. She sucked me in just like a Narcissist does and I believe she has some type of Borderline Personality Disorder. You can read the details of my experience below, which is also being sent to the Board of Ethics along with various complaints filed with various agencies. Eventually I will sue her to get my money returned.
Jill Jones Soderman represented herself as a doctor, PhD, MSW, LSCW, MSHS, Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist, Forensic Consultant, and the list goes on. These titles can be found on letters, emails, and multiple web sites maintained by Soderman.
Soderman and I signed an agreement where she requested $3,500 for her services, and $3,500 for the Foundation Attorney services. Soderman made numerous statements that her foundation had several attorneys “on staff” and that I would be represented by one of these attorneys. Soderman also represents this attorneys exist on her web sites.
Soderman began reviewing my legal documents as a forensic expert in April 2014. Months went by, and Soderman claimed she was “reading and organizing” the material. I became concerned when Soderman’s promises were becoming nothing but empty words, and no progress was being made on my case. Soderman claimed she would fix my present issues with my ex filing incessant motions for fraud, but then would also start filing suits against my ex-wife, the Judge, the courts, and the therapist for defamation and fraud.
I was uncomfortable at first because Soderman seemed to only want to speak on the phone or through email. I wanted to meet with her in person before giving her any money. I requested to meet with Soderman on several occasions, but she made excuses and stated that she had clients “all over the country” and rarely needed to meet in person. She has clients all over the country because she flees and runs each time she gets into legal trouble.
Throughout the months between April and June 2014, we started to become concerned when Soderman often “forgot” important events about my case. She often repeated herself and asked us the same questions again and again. These were urgent and important items that had been discussed with Soderman in depth on numerous occasions. She repeated her stories over and over again. I must have heard the story about the Judge who “liked her” and kept “waving to her at the back of the court room”. Who cares. Obviously this was because judges do not like Soderman because she is a fraud.
When we arrived at Soderman’s so called “office” in the middle of nowhere, we were appalled by what we walked into. First, Soderman was not physically able to answer the door. She apparently has “health issues” and cannot walk up/down stairs. After her 2 dogs barked for 5 minutes, she yelled down for us to “walk in”.
We were immediately faced with dogs barking at our feet and we were hit instantly by a foul odor of dog feces and urine. It was so powerful and strong that we were both gagging. As we walked into her “office”, which turned out to be her dining room table, we could see stains on all the carpeting, dust and cobwebs on the little furniture she had, and a house that looked like it was abandoned and ransacked. Soderman’s appearance was disheveled and she appeared nothing like her pictures on her website and social media sites. We immediately both felt that perhaps Soderman had a stroke or dementia. The odor, the filth was so disturbing that we wanted to leave immediately. We immediately both had a bad gut feeling and our instincts told us that something was seriously wrong. By this point, we had already paid her and she had given us so much hope that she could do something to help my very corrupt and case of fraud, that we were not willing to give up that hope yet.
Soderman took an hour to finally attend to our case. She went into her bedroom to make phone calls, made herself a sandwich, and finally walked in with my so-called “file”. This consisted of about 15 tattered Express Mail envelopes she had obviously gotten for free at the post office, where she had “filed” all my paperwork in these 15 envelopes. When Soderman left the room, we looked through the envelopes and it was obvious that there was no organization whatsoever. My paperwork was all over the place and it was obvious there was certain paperwork missing. She had duplicates of so many pages, where she literally must have copied some items 5 times. Forgetful was one of Jill’s obvious traits.
As Soderman began to eat a mayonnaise sandwich, with mayonnaise all over her face, she told us to get out our laptop and that she would dictate a letter to my Judge. Why wasn’t she typing the letter OR even better why wasn’t it already done? We now know she cannot type. This entire procedure took up the 4 hours that we were with Soderman. Soderman was distracted and not focused. The day prior to our meeting, Soderman had sent a list of what we needed to accomplish at this meeting, yet nothing got done. During her dictation, her phone often rang in her bedroom, and she would leave to go answer it. Soderman appeared to be very distracted and could not maintain a thought. This was prolonging the process and things were moving painstakingly slow. We told Soderman we did not have all day, so at this point, she began to ask me to run into her bedroom each time the phone rang and answer it. Soderman originally wanted to leave our meeting and attend to every phone call, but I insisted she focus on my case, so I had to answer and take messages and tell her callers she was busy and she would call them back. I took messages from callers and had to constantly relay these messages from her bedroom. I was extremely uncomfortable and Soderman was acting in an unprofessional manner.
Soderman dictated the letter and my wife typed it. As she was dictating, her words were literally scaring me. We both asked Soderman numerous times if this was “OK” to say to the judge, and we questioned the intent of the letter. Soderman often became outraged when we questioned her and we were always walking on eggshells. We told Soderman that a letter like this could put my life and my future at stake, and especially my relationship with my children in jeopardy. Soderman’s letter was threatening and insulting, and had no evidence or facts to back it up. In fact, at one point she instructed us to “add all the evidence to the letter and send it to the Judge”. We objected and said this should be done by an attorney, not us! She snapped and said that we HAD to do this. The original intention of this letter was to simply ask the Judge for an adjournment. The letter was insulting and threatening; but worse yet, it was written poorly on many levels. Soderman writes the letter as if she is the author, but then later speaks as if the letter is coming from me! Furthermore, Soderman insisted she had no professional letterhead and asked us to “just type the name of the foundation at the top”. We were so blinded by her promises that we allowed this to continue.
Before having Soderman sign the letter, we asked her numerous questions and voiced our concerns about this letter and its purpose. Nothing Soderman was saying or proposing made sense. We knew that the Judge had no idea who Soderman was and that Soderman made no previous announcement that we had retained her as a forensic expert. We told Soderman that when the judge received this letter from a virtual stranger that there was going to be a problem. Questioning Soderman was like walking on egg shells – you are not allowed to question her authority or she yells and snaps at you. We questioned her that there was no professional Foundation letterhead and she snapped at us “just put my PO box at the top”. She then instructed US to mail the letter immediately at the post office that day “as soon as we left her house”. We became concerned at this request. It was Sunday at 5:00 and she had NO idea what day it was. We told her SHE should mail the letter, but she snapped again that we HAD to mail it.
Before leaving our meeting with Soderman, we discussed the situation with the attorney. We were now both even more concerned that Soderman was sending an insulting and threatening letter to my Judge, and I wanted to ensure I had legal backing at this point. Soderman assured us that we would have legal backing and that an attorney would be working on my reply motion, and that an attorney would accompany me to the motion hearing. In fact, it was not until then that Soderman gave us the name of the attorney who would be representing me. Soderman then gave me the attorney’s business card
The next day, we had reservations about sending the letter to the Judge. We discussed it and emailed Soderman with concerns and questions about the professionalism of the letter. Additionally, we found it odd that Soderman said to copy “Director, Dept of Justice, US Whistleblower, and Attorney General of US” but gave us NO names. She later told us to Google the names, but when we could not find them all, she responded with ONE of the FOUR names. We then questioned how she could finalize and SIGN a letter that was not finished. She snapped to send the letter immediately.
This whole thing quickly became even more disturbing with Soderman. Soderman insisted we send the letter immediately, as time was running out and we had two days to get the letter to the Judge. We both felt pressured and at this point, we had no where else to turn for help. We had given Soderman all the money we had and time was of the essence. We mailed the letter.
The next day, Soderman received a call from Judge and the judge stated that Soderman had no right to send a letter to request an adjournment. Thurber was confused who Soderman was and asked her to send a confirmation of her credentials and that she was who the letter said she was. She also told Soderman that she did not have the right to request an adjournment. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE TOLD SODERMAN WOULD HAPPEN. Soderman left us a message saying the Judge called, everything was “fine” and that she simply needed to confirm with the Judge “who she was”. Soderman NEVER told us to request an adjournment on our own, she never instructed us to contact the Judge, and if we had not done this on our own, the motion would have taken place without my involvement. As you know, when this happens, the Judge usually awards all relief to the other party.
By this time, we were both fearful that Soderman was a fraud. It was clear, Soderman had no idea what she was doing and it was quite obvious that she was making one grave mistake after another that would cost me. Now she had the Judge upset. We decided we should contact the attorney on the business card Soderman gave us and asked if she was aware of our case and asked if she was she representing me. The attorney replied, that I had signed an MOU and that she was not allowed to discuss this with me. What!? Nothing I signed said this.
At this point, I also realized that Soderman had been using this attorneys Madison Ave, NYC, address as the Foundation’s address. Not only did she give it out to us, but she was giving it out to other potential clients we referred to her earlier in the process.
I told Soderman I would be sending Thurber a request for adjournment. I asked her what I should say and she stated that I should ask for an indefinite adjournment, as there were too much that needed to be done before we could go to court. I then quickly sent a request to Judge requesting an adjournment in the same wording Soderman had used in the letter. Soderman insisted the adjournment had to be “indefinite”. My adjournment was DENIED.
This attorney allegedly contacted Soderman to inform her that I had contacted her confirming that she was my attorney. Soderman became outraged and called and left a nasty message stating that she would no longer work with us, that we went behind her back and that she did not trust us. Soderman did not trust us? We placed our entire lives in her hands and she had done nothing at this point except lie, make false statements, represented I had legal backing by an attorney, etc. Soderman began sending numerous emails, all written in CAPS, with typos and grammar errors stating that she was “done with us”. She then told me that she would speak to me on the phone, but without my wife present, and refused to speak with her, only me. She was now using my wife as her scapegoat for all the mistakes she had made and I refused to allow this woman to blame this on her, when ALL the responsibility squarely fell on Soderman. Soderman also stated that no attorney affiliated with the Foundation would agree to work with me now because I contacted this attorney.
Additionally, Soderman was now claiming that we never should have sent that letter to the Judge and that she did not tell us to send this letter. She stated that all letters from the foundation had to go through “attorney review”. Soderman SIGNED the final letter! We both witnessed her very clear instructions and even after we questioned her, she maintained that it was to be sent immediately. This was confirmation that Soderman was delusional and possibly suffering from a mental or brain disorder. We both witnessed Soderman’s very specific directions, and we both questioned Soderman numerous times about her decisions. We now feared the worse, that Soderman IS a fraud and not capable of handling any case. Soderman’s foundation is a fraud as well. There are no attorneys, no staff, and no therapists as she represents to her clients and on her web sites.
Soderman left me with a chaotic legal mess to clean up. After her refusal to represent us, she refused to return the money I paid her. She had done absolutely NO work on my case, she didn’t even read the legal documents.
Soderman is misrepresenting the Foundation and is guilty of fraud. She claims that she uses money donated by individuals to help victims, but in fact, it’s obvious that the money she receives goes towards her own lifestyle. She hires drivers and does not drive a car herself, she hires writers to publish articles, she hires web masters to maintain her web sites and social media accounts… and her client’s money is not going to DEFEND her clients. She collects the money and then never does anything with your case. She makes false promises. She is capable of making grave errors and then makes excuses, and blames the client when “things go wrong”.
Soderman signs her correspondence as a “PHD” when she does not have a PHD. Her license to practice has been revoked in multiple states, including NJ, and at this point we are not sure she has a license to practice in any state. Soderman misrepresents herself and her foundation. According to legal documents found online, Soderman moves from state to state to run from the messes she creates. In fact, because she misrepresented herself in a case, the Judge threw out all her testimony as an expert and child victims of abuse were returned to their abuser. One of the children then committed suicide, and this was all because Soderman misrepresented herself and got caught.
Soderman has multiple web sites that claim she is a PHD and a whole list of “titles” that misrepresent her credentials. Soderman also advertises on her web sites that she has attorneys on staff and on the board of her foundation, which is also a misrepresentation. Soderman provides a Madison Ave, New York address as the foundations’ address. The foundation is not at this address, but at her disgusting and vile home, another misrepresentation of the Foundation.
After working with Soderman for 3 months, we believe she is not of sound mind and is a fraud. Soderman is not only absent minded, but she is careless and neglectful when handling her client’s sensitive cases. Soderman also makes statements, and later recants that she ever said such a thing. Soderman cannot get away with this when it comes to my case, because at all times, my partner and I were present on every phone call, every meeting, and we both witnessed Soderman’s statements. Soderman is disorganized, unfocused, and oblivious to the law and rules of the courts.
July 2014
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