Jill Jones Soderman is a Fraud

20 Feb

This woman is a complete fraud. Jill jones soderman claims To be a doctor, PhD, and psychotherapist, and let’s not forget licensed mediator. She’s actually a crook! She promises patients that she will file claims with insurance companies but makes her patients first pay upfront. She never files anything and your left there out of luck simply put. Jill jones soderman is a fraud! Only wonder how many others she scammed. Looks like she lost her license to practice in Arizona, and on the verge of it in NJ. I wish she’d lose it in ny, as well. How does this evil Jill jones soderman sleep at nightafter the suffering she puts families through? Hmmm probably pretty comfy in the house her patients likely bought her. I hope she goes to jail in this most recent suit filed against her. Something is wrong with this “dr” Jill jones soderman. Beware!

Tired of fraudster jill jones soderman
Oradell, New Jersey

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