The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts is Fraudulent….Beware You Will Never See Your Kids Again

12 Feb

Jll Jones Soderman is a FRAUD! She preys on vulnerable parents, asking for outrageous amounts of money to “help” them, but then does nothing but talk, talk, talk. She produced absolutely NO results, except to irritate an already-irritated judge. Soderman is a fake and a fraud. She also has dementia or a brain disorder which affects her memory and speech. She repeats herself incessently and makes alot of promises that never amount to anything except more money in her pocket! Soderman’s office is her filthy home, where she brings clients to meet. When you walk in, your instincts tell you immediately that something is very wrong. Soderman is unable to walk up and down stairs, so instead of letting her two dogs outside, she allows them to urinate and defacate in her house. The putrid odor hits you in the face the minute you walk in. Her house is a shambles and filthy. There is dust and cobwebs everywhere and furniture is stained from the dogs. Her physical appearance is one of a disheveled, unhealthy woman who believes she is something she is not. Do not allow this woman to prey on you or talk you into paying for her services, because there are NO services provided. She simply takes your money and talks about all that needs to be done in your case, and makes you finally believe that someone “gets it” and that someone is actually going to help you with the corrupt courts. You start to believe that you will see your children again, and that the fraud in your case will be dealt with… you want to believe it so bad that you overlook the very obvious cues that Soderman is a FRAUD and her foundation is a front to collect large sums of money. do not go near this manipulative and lying fraud.

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