Hocus-Pocussing Fathers in the Market of Supervised Visitations

01 Aug

Fearless Fathers

Let’s set up the stage of the typical non custodial father story: Sicko ex-wife has pressed unfounded charged of child-abuse against non-custodial father. Biased justice system complacently listens, grants an order of protection to sicko ex-wife. At this point, guilty or not, the non-custodial father has lost everything: he has to prove his innocence during an endless trial; meanwhile, he cannot see his children but through supervised visitations. Of course, the justice system makes sure that non- custodial father pays child support.

In many areas where the public sector does not set the rules, the market takes over and does the job miserably. The market of supervised visitations is perhaps, after the private health insurance business, the worst ever. Unlike the flea market, you will never find the pearl here, but you surely will find lots of junk, whose business titles commonly declines the word family : “Family First”, “Helping…

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