STUDIES SHOW JUDICIAL BIAS AGAINST DADS ~ #judicialbias, #anti-fatherbias, #familycourts, #equalparenting

27 Jul
STUDIES SHOW JUDICIAL BIAS AGAINST DADS ~ #judicialbias, #anti-fatherbias, #familycourts, #equalparenting

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53_1_bThis article isn’t new, but it’s new to me (TomJamesLaw, 12/1/13). I write about it because it’s too important not to.Read More

The subject is judicial bias in family courts. Now, we’re frequently told that there is no judicial bias on the part of family court judges, that judges rule neutrally on neutral categories. We’re told that the reason fathers so rarely get custody or meaningful time with their kids is that they don’t deserve it because they’ve only earned the money to keep the family housed, fed and clothed. That, we’re given to understand, isn’t as important as changing diapers, feeding and bathing the child. It’s so unimportant that it merits Dad being ousted from his child’s life despite the small avalanche of data demonstrating that children suffer terribly the loss of a parent.

I’ve argued long and hard that one of the reasons family court…

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