What was your sociopaths source of supply?

09 Jun

Dating a Sociopath

Sociopaths use other people as a source of supply. This can be anything a roof over their head, money sex, social status, anything that they want and need and do not have themselves, they find themselves a host to give them what they want.

What was your sociopaths source of supply, what did he/she tap into you for?

My sociopath loved MONEY. When I met him, he was there for the money. He financially drained me.

He returned, asked me to give him a chance, and to prove me wrong. Of course, his motive – once again was money. I wasn’t stupid, second time around.

When I took him back, he couldn’t have been more perfect. He was so NORMAL, became hard working, paid  me back money he owed. Earned his own extra money. He just ‘seemed’ like a decent hard working man. He was so normal, that I thought…

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