Coping with financial loss after dating a sociopath!

09 Jun

Dating a Sociopath


The sociopath is always self motivated and self focused. Even when they ‘fake’ that they are ‘doing you a favour’ there is always something in it for them. The sociopath always manages to ‘take’ without your permission. The sociopath is the salesman without the product. The sociopath repeat the following pattern to get what they want. They are not stupid, and everything is always a calculated action. They will:

  • Will win your trust, by offering you something for ‘free’ out of the kindness of their hearts
  • Will make false empty promises about what they are going to give you in the future
  • Will tell you complete lies, to fake that they are being ‘open’ with you to build a sense of trust

The sociopath is not stupid, and will often make a down payment. This will either be

  • A promise of what you can expect in the future
  • Paying for you…

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